Comparing Flat Rate MLS Companies

When searching the internet there appears to be a lot of flat rate MLS companies. Deciding which is the best can be quite overwhelming. Be aware that many of these companies such as and are simply 3rd party facilitators and are not actual real estate agencies. Here is what to look for when choosing a flat fee MLS company:

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No listing Commission We are a licensed Real Estate company and We are the company that will list your home in the MLS. Our listing fee is $195 for a 6 month listing. Flat Rate MLS They typically charge you anywhere from $400 to $600 dollars, but do not actually list you in the MLS. They transfer your information to an unknown 3rd party Real Estate company to list.
Important Tip! The number one thing to look for in a flat fee company is to make sure that the company you are listing with is a fully licensed Real Estate company. A lot of "flat fee companies" are simply go-between's. They are unlicensed and do not have the ability to list you in the MLS. They may simply take your money and refer you to an unknown real Real Estate company. This can create difficulties if problems arise. Select Premium Properties, is a reputable, licensed, real estate company with full membership in your local Realtors MLS. We will list your home and be here to help you from start to finish with strong customer support.

MLS Listing We do not ask for any payment until you submit your listing to us. This allows you to go through the home information form and the MLS listing forms before you are asked to pay.

Flat Rate MLS They may require you to pay first before they will show you the the home listing forms and agreement paperwork. This may leave you surprised at the lack of home information they ask for and any hidden fees they may have.
MLS Listing Once your listing information is received from our website, it goes into the MLS usually the same business day! Flat Rate MLS Many days may go by before you are finally listed.
Flat Rate MLS We pass on all internet and phone leads to you. Since we do not work with buyers and only list homes, we will assist you in every way possible to help you sell your home. Flat Fee MLS They may not pass on leads to you. Other companies may try to sell the home themselves to earn a buyers agent commission or try to get new listing leads from potential buyers.
Important Tip! Many public internet sites, such as, do not allow owner contact information to be displayed. Therefore a buyer must contact the listing agency to inquire about the home. Other companies may list your home in the MLS for a flat fee because they are planning on "working the buyer's lead " instead of selling your home. What this means is that when a buyer contacts them about your home, they may either claim that they found the buyer for you and take the buyer's agency compensation you are offering. Or they may try to steer them towards another home where they will once again receive the buyer's agency commission. What this means is that you may not be able to talk directly to anyone who has inquired about your home! Since we do not work with buyer's there is no conflict of interest. We forward all of the leads we receive directly to you for contacting. We want you to sell your home as much as you do and our hundreds of sales every years proves it.
Sell Home Fast We are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Flat Fee MLS Many companies are no where to be found on weekends and holidays.
List in the MLS We have proven results and sell hundreds of homes each year! Click Here to View Some of our Sales. MLS Flat Fee Other companies may sell homes here and there. We recommend checking anyone's sales before listing.
Home Listing MLS You are assured of a high-quality listing from a very reputable real estate company, us! MLS Flat Rate You are rarely assured of a high quality listing and may not know who your real estate company will be.
Home for Sale You have unlimited, free customer support via email whenever you need it. The Broker is also available by phone should any problems arise at no extra charge. Realtors MLS They may give you the runaround. If they are not a licensed Real Estate company, they won't know anything about your listing and may not be able to answer any questions. Broker support is rarely offered without an additional charge.
Flate Fee MLS We offer you the proper MLS lockbox and marketing materials for your area. You are able to place your number on the sign. Flat Rate MLS They usually offer you a generic lockbox and signs that only contain their phone number, not yours.
Important Tip! A typical marketing ploy is offering free lockboxes and signs with your listing. 3rd party facilitators do not have the ability to provide the proper MLS approved lockbox. Incompatible "free" lockboxes are useless because local agent's keypads will not work in them. Furthermore, most MLS systems restrict the use of non-authorized lockboxes on properties listed in the MLS. Select Premium Properties lockboxes are authorized by your local MLS system. And our signs do not display our telephone number, instead there is a place for your number. So you will get all the calls.
As you can see, not all flat rate companies are the same. By listing with Select Premium Properties, through our Listing Express website you can be assured that you will be getting a high-quality MLS listing from a reputable real estate company.